Tanner Ochel

Virtual reality developer based in Orlando, crafting immersive experiences using the latest technology.

From creating magic through my past work at Disney World to creating astounding new worlds in virtual reality, I have always combined my creative and technical skills to produce content and projects with heart and energy. Providing a level of service and support beyond my customers and clients expectations has also been a consistent element throughout my career.

Entertainment and Simulation

Entertainement and simulation are my main virtual reality development focus. I am proficient with the Unity engine, which can be used for game and non-game software applications and experiences.

Full Experience

 Proper implemention of spatial audio, motion controllers, and other components available to the target VR device(s) is vital to deliver the complete experience to your clients and customers.

Social Interaction

Social interactions in VR feel real and invoke natural responses.  This can enhance a variety of use cases, including gaming and entertainment, productivity, and virtual reality therapy (VRT).

Rounders Quartet – VR Demo

Developed in Unity, this demo highlights the impact of spatial audio and features the song By the Bend of the River performed by the barbershop group Rounders. You can toggle between spatial and standard audio to clearly evaluate the difference as you move around each singer.

Supports HTC Vive headset and tracked controllers.

  • Menu buttons: toggle the spatial audio processing on/off
  • Trackpad: teleport

Installation Instructions

Extract the files to your PC, and then open the EXE while SteamVR is running.


Visions of Relief

I developed the virtual reality therapy (VRT) prototype for Visions of Relief to aid in the treatment of social anxiety through exposure therapy.

The treatment method slowly introduces patients to increasingly social situations in a coffee shop. Users can freely move around the space and safely interact with the computer controlled avatars. They can proceed at their own pace and allow a direct social interaction or completely end the interaction at any time if they are feeling overwhelmed.

I am a Unity Certified Developer with proficiency in game and non-game production.  Unity is the world’s leading VR/AR engine and is the foundation for creating and deploying interactive VR content to a variety of platforms, including SteamVR, Occulus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard Android & iOS, and Daydream.

Spatial audio is a key element in virtual reality development and requires proper implementation. I’m experienced with various audio solutions including dearVR, Resonance Audio by Google, and Oculus Audio SDK.


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